Light pours into the future site of GROVE

This morning I walked to the future site of GROVE. As I rounded the corner, the morning light was pouring into the canopy hole where GROVE will reside. I have spent the last two days tied to the computer arranging permits and work days for installing the paper trees in the park. I am filling out tree forms and applying for grants but can't wait for this stage to be over so I can go into the site and begin clearing it. I have ordered a powerful propane cooker and 60 quart pot so I can begin to process the knotweed as we remove it from the site. There is some spring knotweed rotting in the garage, too, so as soon as the cooker comes I will begin to boil it all up and begin to make paper.

Strangely, I wasn't sad at all when Part 1 at the Media Bureau came down. Three weeks was plenty long enough to be there. However, since the Fringe came at such a busy time of year, I will be putting up a version of it in my studio for POST. It won't be the same, but that is fitting somehow. Not only does everything change in an instant, but nothing ever stays the same, either.

Last Monday I defended my professional deductions in the IRS audit and won a no-change decision. I must really be an artist now if even the IRS thinks so!