GROVE opens with help from my friends

GROVE exists! Six photos of the installation at the Media Bureau have been added to the slideshow. My first visitors disappeared behind the curtain, stayed for forty minutes and wrote: "very, very, cool!"

I want to be very clear though that the only reason that GROVE exists is due to the amazing help of all kinds that I have received. Bill (my husband) and Maryann (my mother) have funded this entire enterprise. Bill still supports the arts despite the fact that this project has caused us to hemorrhage money for 18 months. Bill also sat here for the whole day on Labor Day sorting out tiny receipts for the audit on September 17 that we are facing for the sole reason that I make no money despite having expenses, while I wrote e-mails to the press in the hopes of attracting some press for the show. Maryann paid for publicity, sent checks at low moments, and coughed up for a last minute projector on Friday when we found out at 8 pm Thursday that we couldn't get the one we had been counting on. Simon Rogers created an amazing soundwork for the single reason that I used to teach in his school. Ben Barnett (in addition to offering me my first opportunity to show in Philadelphia in 2004,) came through with the amazing space at the Media Bureau when an earlier venue fell through. Debra Hoffman should receive a medal of honor for wrapping and moving the trees with me despite my almost crippling anxiety, especially on moving day. Andrea Kirsh has written about my work and has provided me with advice and support, including writing a letter to the IRS on my behalf that moved me to the point of tears. (Let's hope the IRS auditor is similarly moved!) Nancy Goldenberg of the Friends of Carpenter Woods and Mark Focht, director of Fairmount Park have enthusiastically approved Part 2 of GROVE, when the paper trees move out into the woods, despite the risky nature of public art. Erica Brendel, one of our resident expert birders helped me choose the site and has been overwhelmingly supportive of the project. Maura McCarthy and Denise Larrabee of the Friends of the Wissahickon have offered both enthusiasm and support. Many, many other friends and relative strangers have helped, although I still await my wealthy philanthropist...Thank you all, treemaker9